Exam 1: Practice Test

Practice Test Questions:
(The * denotes the correct answer!)

  1. According to your text book, why should we study communication?
    • A. To improve our employability
    • B. To improve our relationships
    • C. To improve our health
    • D. All of the above*
  2. In communication, symbols can be identified as being….
    • A. Sounds
    • B. Words
    • C. Both A & B*
    • D. None of the above
  3. Nikki receives a text message and reads it in the middle of lecture, but does not respond to it because she is so interested in the content of the class. What communication model does this situation apply to?
    • A. Communication as Action*
    • B. Communication as Interaction
    • C. Communication as Transaction
    • D. Communication as encoding
  4. Sarah B. is visiting with one of her friends. She is talking about how amazeballz her communication studies class is and her friend is listening to what she has to say. In this situation, Sarah B. is _________ the message and her friend is __________ the message.
    • A. Giving/receiving
    • B. Speaking/interpreting
    • C. Encoding/decoding*
    • D. Telling/understanding
  5. Communicating in real time is also known as ______________ communication.
    • A. Asynchronous
    • B. Synchronous*
    • C. Live
    • D. Right now
  6. Cher’s song, “If I could turn back time”, refers to which communication characteristic?
    • A. Communication is complicated.
    • B. Communication is inescapable.
    • C. Communication is governed by rules.
    • D. Communication is irreversible.*
  7. Which of the following is the first principle that is talked about in the communication principles for a lifetime?
    • A. Appropriately adapt your messages to others.
    • B. Effectively use and interpret nonverbal messages.
    • C. Effectively use and interpret verbal messages.
    • D. Be aware of your communication with yourself and others.*
  8. LesLeigh is a teaching assistant for Communication 1310, in her syllabus she lists requirements for the class. In the syllabus, she puts that students should not use their cell phones, or will be removed from class. This situation refers to a _________ of the class.
    • A. Value
    • B. Norm
    • C. Rule*
    • D. Belief
  9. Communication that occurs within yourself is….
    • A. Intrapersonal communication*
    • B. Interpersonal communication
    • C. Mediated communication
    • D. Nonverbal communication
  10. Which of the following is not an example of verbal communication?
    • A. Sign Language
    • B. English Language
    • C. Tone of Voice*
    • D. Spanish Language
  11. Sam is a waiter at a local restaurant. He is running behind on getting the order of a group of people sitting at a table. He finally gets the customers’ order and a gentleman drinks his water rapidly and signals to Sam that he needs more water by shaking his glass. What type of communication is the customer engaging in?
    • A. Impersonal communication*
    • B. Interpersonal communication
    • C. Mediated communication
    • D. None of these
  12. Dylan enjoys observing and reflecting on his own mental state. Dylan is characterized as having a strong _____________?
    • A. Self-concept
    • B. Self-esteem
    • C. Self- identity
    • D. Self-Awareness*
  13. A group of students ask Ms. Bannon about her attitudes, beliefs, and values during a student/teacher interview. The students are asking about the components of Ms. Bannon’s ______________.
    • A. Self-concept*
    • B. Self-esteem
    • C. Self-identity
    • D. Self-Awareness
  14. Chance hates eating Greek yogurt. This is an example of________.
    • A. Attitude*
    • B. Value
    • C. Belief
    • D. Norm
  15. Luke thinks that Wikipedia is a good source for projects. This is an example of __________.
    • A. Attitude
    • B. Value*
    • C. Belief
    • D. Norm
  16. Andrew believes that his significant other loves him.
    • A. Attitude
    • B. Value
    • C. Belief*
    • D. Norm
  17. Josh thinks that he is amazeballz at everything. One could say that Josh has a high __________.
    • A. Self-concept
    • B. Self-esteem*
    • C. Self-identity
    • D. Self-awareness
  18. Elizabeth lives in a mansion and drives a BMW. These are two components of which self?
    • A. Spiritual
    • B. Material*
    • C. Social
    • D. Self-concept
  19. Zach really wants to make amazeballz grades this year so that he can apply for scholarships. What is this an example of?
    • A. Personal goal
    • B. Self-expectation*
    • C. Desire
    • D. Self-fulfilling prophecy
  20. Jason rolled out of bed this morning and said to himself…”Today will suck!” This is an example of what?
    • A. Expectancy Violations Theory
    • B. Sapir Whorf Hypothesis
    • C. Self-fulfilling prophecy*
    • D. True statement
  21. Chris is in the rec center across campus. Chris is surrounded by many different views and noises, but Chris decides to pay attention to two people’s conversation that are nearby. This is what stage of the perception process?
    • A. Organization
    • B. Interpretation
    • C. Perception
    • D. Attention and Selection*
  22. Why do perceptions vary?
    • A. Because different people have different frames of reference.*
    • B. Because people are different
    • C. Because some people are wrong and some are right
    • D. Because people see different things
  23. Rami sees someone in the library that he could potentially be interested in. After overhearing this person’s first and last name, he decides to look up the name on Facebook and view that person’s profile. What is Rami participating in?
    • A. Direct Perception Checking
    • B. Indirect Perception Checking*
    • C. Normal Perception Checking
    • D. Perception Checking
  24. Krista was visiting with a friend about friendship, but her friend’s meaning of friendship did not correspond with Krista’s. What is happening here?
    • A. Confusion
    • B. Conflict
    • C. Bypassing*
    • D. Problem
  25. Melanie has a definition of fraternities and her definition that it is a drunk fest. Her definition is an example of what?
    • A. Denotative Meaning
    • B. Connotative Meaning*
    • C. Concrete Words
    • D. Abstract Words
  26. Which of the following is a concrete word.
    • A. Hope
    • B. Love
    • C. Table*
    • D. Faith
  27. A way for us to describe our own feelings rather than evaluate others is to…
    • A. Use I statements*
    • B. Use You statements
    • C. Use We language
    • D. Use Them statements
  28. Anna went to dinner with one of her friends and her friend disclosed some bad news. Her friend had wrecked her car. Anna was able to put herself in her friend’s position and feel bad about the situation. Anna is engaging in what?
    • A. Supportive communication
    • B. Defensive Communication
    • C. Sympathy
    • D. Empathy*
  29. In the movie The Breakup, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are a couple and engage in many conflicts. One conflict occurs and they bring up events that happened in the past that they should have gotten over already. The couple is engaging in?
    • A. Gunny-sacking*
    • B. Bypassing
    • C. Defensive Communication
    • D. None of the Above
  30. Which one of the following is a nonverbal code?
    • A. Jewelry
    • B. Clothing
    • C. Body type
    • D. All of the above*
  31. Isaac is a librarian at Alkek. There were some unruly students laughing and having a good time in the back of the library. Isaac got their attention and held his index finger up to his pursed lips to communicate to be quiet. Isaac’s nonverbal code can best be described as what?
    • A. Illustrator
    • B. Emblem*
    • C. Affect display
    • D. Regulator
  32. Madison is in love with her significant other. She decides to take the next step and propose to the significant other. She gets down on one knee, holds up a ring and says “will you marry me?”. This nonverbal code can best be described as what?
    • A. Illustrator*
    • B. Emblem
    • C. Affect display
    • D. Regulator
  33. Sarah M. is sitting in class and feels very uncomfortable because her teacher is standing approximately 1 ft. away from her. The teacher is in Sarah’s ……
    • A. Intimate space*
    • B. Personal space
    • C. Social space
    • D. Public space
  34. Raul comes to class and saves a seat for his friend by putting a backpack in the chair right next to him. The backpack symbolizes what?
    • A. Territoriality
    • B. Proxemics
    • C. Territory Marker*
    • D. Dominance
  35. Mountain Man: Mountain man is a character on Duck Dynasty. He tends to speak really slowly and annoys many of the people around him. Which listening barrier is keeping Mountain Man from others listening to him/
    • A. Speed
    • B. Rate*
    • C. Pitch
    • D. Tone
  36. According to your text book, we tend to listen how much?
    • A. 50%
    • B. 55%*
    • C. 45%
    • D. 20%
  37. Phil Robertson: Phil Robertson is taking Miss Kay out on the boat. What is Phil doing?
    • A. Listening
    • B. Active Listening
    • C. Hearing*
    • D. Responding
  38. What acronym should you remember for your exam. This is the listening process.
    • A. SAUR
    • B. SAURR*
    • C. RAUSS
    • D. RAUS
  39. Parker listens to others in order to build relationships with them. What type of listener is he?
    • A. Critical Listener
    • B. Task-Oriented Listener
    • C. Analytical Listener
    • D. Relational Listener*
  40. Stephanie is sitting in class and wondering what she is going to have for dinner tonight. Which one of the listening barriers apply to Stephanie?
    • A. Self-focus*
    • B. Emotional Noise
    • C. Criticism
    • D. Processing Rate
  41. Johnny is fixing to have a serious conversation with one of his friends, so he turns off his cell phone so he can focus. Which step of improving your listening skills is Johnny doing?
    • A. Stop*
    • B. Look
    • C. Listen
    • D. Engage
  42. The model that we saw during last class is an example of a ___________ model.
    • A. Masculine
    • B. Feminine
    • C. Androgynous*
    • D. None of the above
  43. Samantha was born in 1942 and works hard and quickly. What generation does Samantha belong to?
    • A. Matures*
    • B. Baby Boomers
    • C. Gen. X
    • D. Millennials
  44. Isaac R. has a friend that he is very close so he thinks that they are similar on their beliefs on certain subjects. What is Isaac doing?
    • A. Assuming differences
    • B. Assuming similarities*
    • C. Assuming superiority
    • D. Stereotyping
  45. Jacob is a student and he is able to move freely in and out of his own culture and mindset to adapt to others. What stage of intercultural communication competence is Jacob in?
    • A. Denial
    • B. Defense
    • C. Minimization
    • D. Integration*

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