About Me

As most of you may know, my name is LesLeigh and if you are reading this as one of my students, you are stuck with me for a whole semester!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! But really, I hope that all of you enjoy your experience during lab and enjoy me as an instructor. Below, I will give you all a little information about myself and my philosophies about teaching!

1. Quick Biography? I am from a very small town in Central Texas. I was born in Brownwood and I grew up in Comanche. I have an awesome mom, dad, and brother who support me in everything that I do. In high school, I was not very involved but I was active in band and color guard. The only reason why I was involved in these two things was to avoid having to take any type of P.E. course! For the most part, I had awesome teachers who instilled in me the value of education. I was very loud in High School, one of my teachers gave me the accurate nickname of “Mouth of the South.” This name was accurate because I was titled as being “Most Opinionated” by my peers when I graduated from high school. After graduating high school, I decided to attend Tarleton State University because it was close to home and cheap. I started out as a psychology major and finally decided that psychology was way too “gooshy” for me, so I decided on the major of communication studies and Spanish. I studied abroad in Pamplona, Spain for five weeks and I consider myself to be conversational in the Spanish language. I realized that communication studies was the perfect major for me because I LOVE to talk and I love to learn about why we communicate the way that we do. I graduated from TSU in 2012 with two degrees. Because of my passion and curiosity for communication, I decided to attend graduate school at Texas State. I began studying at Texas State in August of 2012. In January of 2013, I was offered an AMAZING opportunity to be a graduate instructional assistant, in other words, your teacher.

2. Teaching Philosophy? I have realized over the past semester that I really do enjoy teaching and I love to be surrounded by students! I strongly feel that since this is a required course, it is up to the lab instructors to make the content of the course applicable to our students’ lives in order for students to view the class as valuable. Because of this, I try to teach my students through giving examples that relate to the real world. Sometimes my examples are a little “cray-cray” but I really do feel that weird stories are the examples that stick in students’ heads. I am a strong believer in mutual respect. I do think that students should respect me because I am their teacher, but I feel that I should respect each and every one of them as well. I try to create a class that is built on mutual respect. I also care a lot about my students! I stress the importance of visiting with me during office hours, not just about class content, but also about random things that happen to them (good or bad). I like the mentoring aspect of being a teacher and this is the way that I feel that I can get to know my students.

3. Personality? I am really sassy, caring, and funny (all at the same time). This is who I am outside of the classroom and this is who I am inside the classroom!

4. Goals For My Students? My main goal by the end of the semester is for my students to have taken something that I have taught them and apply it to their own personal lives. I hope that each and every student benefits in some way from the class content.


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