Hello students! can be a little tricky to navigate, so I have created a screencast that you may use as an extra resource when submitting your assignments to The three assignments that you will upload to are the Diversity Board Paper, Informative Speech Outline, and Persuasive Speech Outline. Of course, the Diversity Board Paper is a part of our unit that involves self-awareness and communication because you will be asked to put yourself in the position of the person with your diversity role and write a paper describing your day-to-day life in the life of the person with your particular diversity role. Your Informative Speech Outline is just an outline of the information that you will cover during your informative speech. Lastly, your Persuasive Speech Outline is just an outline of the information that you will cover during your persuasive speech. It is the department’s mission to make certain that you are not plagiarizing on any of the content that you use for this class, whether the content is outlines or papers. This is the reason why we use You will follow the steps listed in the tutorial and print the originality report. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT PRINT THE DIGITAL RECEIPT!!! I DO NOT NEED TO SEE THE DIGITAL RECEIPT!!! Your originality report MUST be below 20%, if your originality report is not below 20%, I will not be able to accept the assignment and your grade will suffer because of it, so please keep this in mind. The reason why the department allows you to have up to 20% on your originality report is because sometimes, the system highlights sources and words like “the” within the text that matches other content. With this being said, you should never have an originality report with more than 20%! Please follow the tutorial below and if you have any questions regarding the assignments and how to turn them in to, please email me or see me during my office hours.


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