Self-awareness is a very interesting subject to learn about! In order to help you learn more about self-awareness and how we communicate. I am attaching a figure that shows Abraham Maslow’s framework that suggests that people operate at one of the four levels. Please be sure to read the below descriptions of each level of Maslow’s framework. I will give you an example of each of these steps. For the purpose of these examples we will refer to a gentleman named Uncle Si. Uncle Si will be used in each of the levels of self-awareness. During the first level Uncle Si does not know how to talk to another person without being inappropriate and he does not realize that he says “Hey!” and “Jack” constantly when he is talking to other people (level 1). One day, when Uncle Si was at work, he was trying to help a customer with how a duck call functions and he said “Hey Jack! You need to blow in the opposite end of that duck call!” The customer was very disgruntled and contacted Willy (the CEO of the company that Uncle Si works for), Willy was so upset with Uncle Si’s behavior that he sent him to a communication course for Uncle Si to learn how to be a better communicator. Now Uncle Si knows of his communication incompetencies, but still communicates in the same manner (level 2). During the course, Uncle Si worked very hard to perfect his communication with himself and others. Now he is aware of his communication incompetencies, and he is trying hard to fix them (level 3). Uncle Si returns to his job making duck calls and now when he answers the phone and helps customers with the duck calls he is unaware of how great his communication behaviors are. He is an excellent communicator now without being cognizant of that fact (level 4).



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