Perception Process

I believe that this model/figure will help you guys out with learning the perception process. Remember that the perception process is a three step process.  The first stage is Attention and Selection. The second stage is organization. The third and final stage of the perception process is interpretation. All of these stages overlap, which is why I believe that this is an excellent figure that depicts just that. We have studied how the Attention and Selection stage involves the arousal of one or more of the senses. For example, you hear a baby cry so you select that to pay attention to. The second stage of organization involves assigning familiarity and unfamiliarity to the things that we perceive and the final stage involves assigning meaning to what we perceive based on our own personal experiences. I want you guys to note that the first step on the figure “Select” also includes “Attention”, other than that I believe that this is a great resource to use when studying for your upcoming exam! Leave a comment if you guys have anything to add!perception


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